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Prescription Refill Policy

Dr. Stephanie ND receives a large volume of calls for medication refill requests.

Requests for prescription refills are best done within an appointment. There is a fee of $25.00 for
prescription refills that are not requested during an appointment.

Prior to your next appointment, please be sure to check your medications for necessary refills. It is much easier to have your medication refills taken care of while you are in an appointment with Dr. Stephanie ND.

For medication refill requests outside of an appointment:
- Allow at least 5 business days for Dr. Stephanie ND to review your prescription refill
- Once the prescription is completed it will be passed along to Dr. Stephanie’s admin team
who will contact you for fee payment and fax your prescription to the requested pharmacy.


Information required for refill request:
• Name of Patient
• Name & number of pharmacy
• Spelling & name of medication
• Dose
• Frequency of the medication(s)


Note: If a prescription refill request is made but you are overdue for a follow-up visit or necessary
bloodwork for monitoring the safety and effectiveness of the medication Dr. Stephanie ND may
agree to refilling your prescription for a brief duration of time until you are able to schedule an
appointment. To avoid running out of medication, it is recommended you schedule your next
appointment at the end of your appointment and it is your responsibility to monitor your medication to ensure you do not run out.


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