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  • Dr. Stephanie Bayliss ND

The Test You Should Know About If You Have Depression.

There is a lot of discussion these days about the topic of inflammation. Chronic, low grade, persistent inflammation, that has an impact on our cardiovascular system, joints, and our brain.

If you experience pain, for e.g., burn your hand, you move your hand away from the source of the pain (and inflammation). However, our brain does not have pain receptors in the same way. One hypothesis is that how we experience inflammation, is through mood changes such as depression. The blood test that I test in mostly all of my patients, especially those with any inflammatory symptoms, or mood concerns is something called C-reactive protein. This is under investigation as being a surrogate marker for depression. Aka, CRP is commonly elevated in patients with depression.

Note: this is not medical advice, and is meant to be educational only. Speak to your Family Doctor or Naturopathic Doctor about what is appropriate for you.

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